31 Weeks

Wow, time flies! I'm just back from my baby shower in Florida, which was fantastic! Josh worked on the nursery while I was away, and we have a trip to Goodwill and our storage unit to make tonight. I also returned to our Internet being down, sooo I am looking forward to a visit from the dishwasher and Internet repairmen this week, amongst 10+ doctors appointments (maybe it's a good thing our Internet is down). I've got a lot of catching up to do. Now onto the good stuff:

How far along: 31 Weeks

Size of baby: Head of lettuce

Total Weight Gain/loss: I had gained 2 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight and then got super sick right after thanksgiving and lost 6/7. So at 8 months pregnant I weigh less than I did when we found out we were expecting.

Maternity Clothes: Pregnancy jeans are a God send! I can still make some regular items work with the assistance of pregnancy tanks-which are worn daily. I've had to get more maternity clothes than I thought I would, but am very thankful to have found cute items that mix and match well! I don't want to retire my pregnancy jeans anytime soon!

Gender: It's a BOY! His initials will be JAT, but we decided to meet him first before pulling the trigger on his full name. We will be using family names. But still refer to him as Timmy T, especially when he strong arms my tummy.

Movement: He is a mover! He has knocked things off my tummy a few times. He is particularly active at 11 am, 4 pm and 11 pm.

Sleep: Trying to get as much as I can while I can.

What I miss: Stamina- when I need a break, I NEED A BREAK. There is no more pushing through for this moma. Wine and or cocktails with friends at all these awesome holiday parties would be nice, too.

Cravings: SWEETS! Passed my diabetes test with flying colors, so we have a house full of candy cane kisses and cookies. This little guy like sweets as much as his daddy. Daddy is really loving bowls of Hersey kisses on the coffee table (and sneaking mommy's chocolate any time he can).

Symptoms: Are things subsiding? Am I jinxing myself? Other than my non baby related mystery illness, I'm doing pretty well.

Best Moment: Being surrounded with the love and generosity of my friends at my baby shower! The prenatal massage my mom arranged for me was fantastic as well!!

Lots of Love,


Lots of Love,


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