Christmas Spirit

Our Internet is out, so I've been surviving on my iPhone, which is not the easiest!

But despite being disconnected, the Holiday Parties are in full swing, and our calendars are bursting with holly and Christmas cookies!! Tonight was my first party of the season with the lovely ladies on the community placement council at JLW. We had a fun book exchange, and lots of awesome goodies!

I gave South of Broad which I read on our babymoon a few weeks ago, and got a cool book on Preppy Life in DC (hope to have a moment to read it, but don't think that will actually happen anytime soon).

Here's my book, wrapped up in lots of glitter!!

And here's me with baby T, ready to start the 2011 Holiday Party circuit!

How excited are you to party your way through the next few weeks!?

Lots of Love,


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