Baby Shower

I have been partying my way through December.  Add the fact that it takes my eight and a half month pregnant self quadruple the amount of time I think it should to do something and my bustling social calendar, I'm amazed that I actually did get my Holiday Cards out before Christmas. I obviously needed to hire an elf this year. 

The hustle and bustle began the first weekend in December when my friends hosted a shower for me in Tampa.
Jessica, me, Lauren and Gwen - who would have guessed all the fun times we've had through the years.

It was a Gator Tailgate Themed Luncheon.  Complete with a Gator Diaper Cake, all my favorite foods and surrounded by my cherished friends.

It was great to spend the afternoon with all these wonderful ladies.  Lots of tears were shed on my part (and I it wasn't just because of the crazy pregnancy hormones).  I truly miss getting to spend time with all my Florida friends.
Suzanne is expecting a boy, too.  I hope we'll get to move back to FL one day so our boys can be on all the same sports teams.

Speaking of sports teams, Liam will be linebacker with Suzanne and my guys!
And little Mia is going to have dates lining up at the door!
Allison and I with our baby bumps! 
With Jessica (Josh's unofficial little sister) and Missy.  

They are the sweetest friends, I'm so glad I inherited them from my husband!

Speaking of sweet friends, I'm truly blessed with the ones I've been given.

With Sonja- for some reason I burst into tears every time I see her-ha!
Lucy (aka Anne) a true inspiration, survivor and fantastic singer - we've spent way too much time singing at the top of our lungs together! 
 My partner in crime, Reema.
I could have an entire blog recounting our adventures together
Sadly, I don't have pictures with everyone there, but I can't forget the two most importants guests (other than me and baby T) The Grandmothers!!
The decorations were beautiful.

The food was fantastic, I mean what pregnant lady doesn't love mashed potato bar and cake?

The activities were fun.

And I was showered with love and gifts from my friends and family!


Lexilooo said...

a mashed potato bar?!?!! LOVE

also, the blue, orange and white quilt is lovely! please post another bigger photo!

Jules said...

The shower looks like it was beautiful and so do you! You're positively glowing. I
The mashed potato sounds so yummy!

I Do Declare said...

Awww - looks so fun!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

What a lovely shower! You look so beautiful - I love the dress! I love everything and a mashed potato bar??! Fabulous!!

Dee Stephens said...

Everything looks perfect and you're just glowing! Look great for being 8 month pregnant!

Ashley said...

Looks like an awesome baby shower! You look so BEAUTIFUL! I love your green outfit and festive necklace and you just look so happy!

Suzie said...

The shower was beautiful and it was so good to see you! Oh- and the mashed potato bar was HEAVEN!