Not Giving Up

I have hopes that the Verizon repairman will leave me with Internet tomorrow, but until then I'm staying connected by 3G!

I failed at something today, and I don't like failing (don't worry, I'm not giving up). What did I fail at? Stacking coupons at Babies R Us.

I have grand plans of purchasing some of the higher dollar items we'll be needing for baby. So going through the most recent Babies R Us ad and taking a look at my store coupons, I formulated a plan. Since our swing was spend $150, save $30 - and I had 20% off single item coupons, I began to wonder if I could use both discounts on the same item. So I did what any deal seeking mom would do and called the store. The associate I spoke to said absolutely just as long as neither was expired. I took a close look at all my coupons and the circular, and made an action plan of which items I planned to buy over the next few weeks.

Low and behold I got an email Wednesday night that there was a one day sale on Thursday. I looked through the add (and even had my neighbor print my coupons since our Internet is down). With 20% off our pack n play and my additional 20% off a single item, I decided it was worth sneaking a trip into my very busy day.

After 2 Dr appts, lunch with friends, a meeting and volunteering, I didn't make it there until after 9. I found the pack n play loaded it in my cart and found another item I had a coupon for. I get to the register and hand the clerk my three coupons, to which she tells me I can only use two. No I say, I called before I came and asked if I could use both the 20% off pack n play and 20% off a single item coupon on the same item at the same time AND was told yes as long as they weren't expired. She called over the manager who repeated only one coupon could be used at a time, despite what I was told on the phone. I was so mad I made a trip there!

I asked about stacking with the credit card and completion coupon with other store offers and coupons and he said I could do that. So it looks like I won't be knocking things off my priority list until two weeks prior to my due date. Thanks for nothing Babies R Us.

I also think it's ironic that I was haggling for an extra 20% off while my husband is hosting his colleagues from around the world at a private event at the Kennedy Center tonight. And our dog sitter went to bed early (while I was running late) so I have to pay for our dog to be boarded tonight because of this whole mess - the next time I go to Babies R Us it will be a day too soon!

Lots of Love,



Aja said...

BRU is the worst about coupons and also returns. Like, no returns without a receipt and a big hassle. If I had a dollar for every time I swore I wouldn't go back unless absolutely necessary...unfortunately, it's usually necessary. There are just some things you can't find anywhere else (at least not without a trip down to S. Orlando and with two kids I am not feeling that!)

Mama T said...

So sorry to hear this Sarah! I have found that by becoming a "rewards member" they are much more willing to help. I had to exchange or return lots of items after my shower and even in the last year things that work and don't work with baby - and as a rewards member they do not require a receipt (which is helpful) but overall, I'm a Buy Buy Baby gal myself - too bad the closest one to us is about 40 minutes away :(