Winter Coat

As the temperatures are quickly dropping, it's time for me to made a new addition to my winter wardrobe in the form of a new wool coat.  I already have a few nice coats, but I want a little contrast to the grey and black that I normally sport in the winter time.  I decided this year, a camel coat would be the perfect addition.  Then of course I see all these lovely winter white coats being worn around town and now I'm torn.  I've pulled a few coats that I think will work well for me.  So come on a virtual shopping trip and let me know which ones you like the best!?

All these coats are from http://www.chadwicks.com/ or http://www.avenue.com/.


I Do Declare said...

I like 2 + 3 the best! I love camel! My camel coat that I've had FOR YEARS got attacked by moths over the summer and is full of holes. I'll have to check out those links, b/c I need a new coat, too. I think those winter white coats are so pretty, but I'm SO messy. I've spent more in dry cleaning bills for my white coat that I even paid for it!

Happy Shopping!

Ruth said...

I like #6 & #9

Suzie Homemaker said...

1,2, & 5 but 2 is my most fave! I love the collar on it.

TheSocialKnight said...

Funny I just wrote a post on this (check it out if you wish http://thesocialknight.blogspot.com)

I agree with you on your taste of tan/camel colored coats. The 6th one is my favorite! Very chic and timeless!

Miranda said...

I LIKE 3, 6 AND 9