I can't even begin to tell you how crazy my lift has been - CRAZY... CHAOTIC... BEYOND..

1.  I cried at work today, which has never, I mean NEVER happened here-but I finally reached my breaking point.

2.  Maybe it's because I didn't get enough sleep last night because the wind literally blew out the windows in our bedroom, as in BIG GAPING HOLE in the wall with nothing there, but the cold midnight sky. 
3.  Don't worry after yelling at Josh for not being home for the third MAJOR catastrophe in the past four months I took care of it...in my own special way.

4.  Duck tape is my friend.
5.  Duck tape and a tarp are my best friends.
6.  Duck tape, a Tarp and Vodka are my best friends forever-and really create an amazing trifecta.

7.  Just checked into my flight and upgraded my seat so I could spend time with my best friend Vodka on the way to Jacksonville tonight.

8.  Sent Josh to buy every flavor of Vodka he could find so they would be prepared for my arrival tonight.
9.  He complied and went to Wackos his favorite liquor store/strip club in Jacksonville. 

10.  He took my pregnant best friend there two years ago on accident, and now makes a point/finds an excuse to go every year.

11.  He also makes it a priority to wear buba teeth all weekend ala James Bates during Tennessee Week.

12.  And throws mike bones at unsuspecting Georgia Fans, particularly the girls dressed to the nines.

13.  Which reminds me, he only packet T-shirts (and probably jorts) - so I better find him a polo and bright blue or orange shorts, and burn whatever else I find in his suitcase so what I picked is his only option.

14.  Well, that's the run-down.  I guess with that all I have to say is:

15.  Oh and if you're in Jax hit up my cell and come to our tailgate!


Dee Stephens said...

Great post! Have fun at the game! LSU is off this week! THANK GOD after the loss to Auburn last week. :(

Suzie Homemaker said...

1) You're right! Vodka is a good friend. Too bad I haven't seen my dear friend Vodka in probably over a year. I'll have to give her a call here pretty soon.

2) Another Thompson catastrophe?? Seriously? 2011 needs to get here quick- the year of no catastrophes and the new Thompson edition (if I may...). ;-)

3) Jorts are the one thing Matt does not own. THANK GOD! He has enough bad habits without throwing jorts in the mix.

(I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth imagining Matt in jorts)

Ashley said...

GOOOOO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a FABULOUS time cheering on our GATORS and enjoy my hometown of JACKSONVILLE :) GO GATORS!

Ruth said...

I hate your window was blown out. But yes vodka is your friend, for me it is whiskey.