Gastronomical Journeys

It all started Friday night, when Josh decided it was his destiny to beat his Call of Duty game on our new PlayStation 3.  Not really the Friday night I had in mind, I knew it would be next to impossible to break the gaming trace he had entered into.  I figured it was a chance for me to read a good book and went upstairs to see what could be downloaded from the library for our e reader.  Not realizing that there would be a waiting list for most of the books that I thought up to read, I had to get a little creative.  That's how I found my new literary love, Calvin Trillin.  He is incredibly talented, and finds such creative ways to share his love of food with his audience.  I am having trouble putting down Alice, Let's Eat, and am looking forward to reading many more of his works!

I was up with the sun on Saturday morning to volunteer with the Junior League of Washington DC at the Capital Area Food Bank.  The first of many Saturday morning volunteer shifts to come.  I loved every minute of it, and was so glad to know that I was helping people in the area with a little extra food to get them trough tough times.  We made 750 bags of food to go to Welfare recipients in DC.  That totaled four and a half pallets of boxes!

Saturday afternoon, we prepared some football party foods and my friend, Jen, and I decided to have our own personal Octoberfest after a trip to the Fairfax County FallFest.  A corn dog was my choice for my fair food, and I gladly shared my cornmeal crusted meat on a stick with my hungry husband.

Luckily, I Octoberfested myself out of commission during the second quarter of the Florida, Alabama game.  I spent the remaining quarters on the sofa in the formal living room, while everyone else subjected themselves to much pain watching the Gators get it...BAD.

Molly also decided she needs a Pottery Barn Kids chair.  For those wondering, the broom is a strategic measure to keep Jen's overzealous, but completely lovable dog, Aslan, at bay.  No we don't hit him with it.  He just has this unnatural fear of brooms that we unmercifully take advantage of.

Sunday morning, Josh's first request was for me to make him breakfast.  Not knowing anything we had other than eggs, I think I whipped up something nice.  Dunkins Coffee, Belgium Waffles, Potato Pancakes, fried eggs for him and scrambled for me.  It was a real pleasure to prepare a meal in our kitchen.  I've missed that these past few months.  The first question out of my Jewish husbands mouth was, why didn't you make grits?  Strangely, I thought he may appreciate potato pancakes more, but I was sadly mistaken.  Next time I know to stick to my southern roots.

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Can I come over for breakfast? :)