Partying down in Georgia

We're back from my cousin's fantastic wedding in Auburn, and somehow I managed to have multiple contractors come to my house after hours last night to finish up almost all the remaining details from flood # 1 and flood #2.  All we're waiting on now is the mirror to be installed in our master bath and we should be all set.  Gosh, I'm sure I just jinxed myself there.  So after my Junior League meeting was cancelled for tonight - thank goodness for roaming power outages- I am going on a cleaning rampage so the house will be in tip top shape when my parents get here on Wednesday!

The past few weekends have been all about family starting with my cousin's bridesmaid luncheon and the party we hosted for her at our families lake cabin.  I played paparazzi.

The beautiful bride
Mother's, aunts and our Granny
The hydrangea cupcakes
Maids and Flower Girls

I did give the new fall trend of booties a try, and I have to say I love them.  Way more comfortable than standard pumps or higher boots.  Results are a much more comfortable hybred of the two.  I highly recommend giving them a try.

After a quick change, I was off to help set up for the second party of the day.  A mexican fesita complete with margarita machine-I may recommend one of these even more than the fashionable fall booties.

The Cabin at Wynn's Pond
A few of the tables set up for party goers
A look around

I tried to get creative and take a picture of the sun
It was a football weekend, so we had  multiple TV's set up.  I was able to watch Auburn win and the Gators loose-what has seemed to be an unfortunate trend this season for my alma mater anyway.
The leaves were beginning to change
The dock at sunset
The bride and the lucky groom
Margarita Machine - key factor to a successful fiesta
One of the ring bearers down by the shore
The bride with her mom and our aunt
The fam
The weekend was completed by visiting with my dear friend and her two precious children.  Can't wait to see them in Orlando for Christmas.


Ashley said...

Such great pictures! I was at the Swamp this weekend for the game (and I go to State for grad school so it was a tough game haha but I wore my orange and blue) We'll get em next time! Go Gators :)

I Do Declare said...

That cabin!!! I want to escape there!

Dee Stephens said...

Great pictures! Looks like a GREAT time! Love the fall in the south. Leaves turning, football, friends and weddings!
Geaux Tigers

Bella Michelle said...

What a perfect fall weekend it looks like it was!!!!

Ruth said...

I love the pictures. Glad you had a wonderful weekend with family and your house is almost back together.

Suzie Homemaker said...

I agree. Margarita Machine = Awesome FIESTA's!! I've had the pleasure of using one and I have to say that it may very well be my next beig kitchen purchase if I can justify it. I mean...it's not like I drink Margarita's every day, but I could be talked into it, I suppose...