Bad Mommy

Apparently to be good parents, we needed to have put down a deposit to be on a waiting list for nursery schools back when we got engaged 3+ years ago.

The next available birthing class at our hospital is when I'm far into my 8th month, and I'm feeling like a failure already. I guess everything will be fresh in my mind, as long as I don't have the baby before my class is even over!

I feel like if we were back home in Florida, I would know all the right things to do, the exact school to enroll our children in, when to do it, where to go, etc, etc, but since Josh just turned down a job offer back in Tampa, that along with the 5 bedroom waterfront home I had already picked out will not be happening anytime soon.

Here, in Virginia, I don't even know what the good schools are, to even look at their missions, admission process, curriculum-yet alone get on the wait list.

Let's not even talk about what color we are going to paint the nursery, that another topic that makes me want to throw my hands up in the air and sigh.

At least I'm able to take my prenatal vitamins now (thanks to the sour gummy form I found them in).  Ahhhhhh


Melissa said...

You'll get the hang of all of this mommy stuff. Give yourself a break, ask some peers lots of questions and follow your heart. You will be fine!

Jen Apples said...

When it comes to schools, you can always ask to go in and observe. It may take some time, but you'll probably feel more comfortable with your choice.

Dee Stephens said...

Here in Charlotte -- they require a note from the doctor when you get pregnant in order to get on the waiting list here at my work's daycare.
I've already prepped my doc! Now we're just waiting for the word!

Jensamom23 said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! You are doing great...things will fall into place as you go. It would never have occured to me to check into preschool this early. Yikes! Have a great evening.