Getting There

I think I'm rounding the corner here.  I'm still getting sick more than a few times a day, BUT I don't have this overwhelming veil of exhaustion and nausea blanketing me all the time-YAY!  Plus, I'm kind of getting an appetite.  Last night we had BBQ shrimp, grilled zucchini and cheese grits for dinner.  Ok, that's what Josh had, but I tried to eat everything before totally disgusted with my plate-ha!

With this new "burst" of energy (ie I am actually able to get off the sofa for more than a few minutes a day) I decided it was time to start embracing my new career as a stay at home wife/mom.  I have to admit, I was inspired the past few weeks by the Blue Eyed Bride and her journey to create her home organization notebook.  With the burning question of how am I going to handle everything around the house AND a newborn I began researching how other domestic divas "do it all."  I've loved what I've found (and will share my resources soon) and am developing a schedule/routine to keep up with both the house and everything else in my life, which will be reflected in my beautiful home organization notebook.  Half-way though Day 1 I'm loving it.  Monday is laundry day, since I have more than a month's worth of folding and washing to do, I better get back to climbing Mount Washmore!

Looking forward to next week, when I just have to wash what we wore this week, plus my cleaning peeps come on Wednesday which will give me a fresh start on everything!

Lots of Love,



Dee Stephens said...

YAY! for you! Laundry is one thing I don't mind doing!

I Do Declare said...

Glad you're starting to feel better!!!

Aja said...

Sounds like you're already on this train, but my best suggestion to you is hire a cleaning service. We had one every other week and just switched to every week. PTL! That is a true lifesaver and probably the only way I can have kids who don't watch TV!

Lauren said...

Mt Washmore is present in my house too! Recently, Jason told me it was time to climb it again to my shock, and anger, since I just tackled it 5 days prior! My solution... I bought him more underwear and told him this is a 7-10 day chore! LOL!