14 Weeks

Pregancy Highlights

How far along:  14 weeks, the real end of the first trimester.  Thanks to my friend who didn't have the heart to tell me pregnancy math isn't the same as normal math and the first "tri"mester isn't 3 months, it's 3 and a half.  I thought I was in the clear almost three weeks ago-ha!

Size of baby: Baby Thompson is the size of a lemon

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still down some, although I think I may be getting my appetite back...

Maternity Clothes: Not there yet.  Asked Josh to grab me a pair of pants while he was in the closet yesterday and he handed me ones with a zipper and button (I've been sticking with elastic waistbands lately).  I was about to get mad, and ask him what he was thinking, but threw them on and was suprised they fit nicly.  After walking the dog I realized that they were not that comfortable and changed back to old faithful elastic. 

Gender: The great debate.  I want to know, Josh doesn't.  I feel like after all I've been through these past few weeks AND what I will be going through, I need a reward.  We had reached a temporary compromise that Josh would get me an embrodery machine so I could personalize and monogram everything after the baby is born, but I'm back to wanting to know now.  Our next ultrasound is set for 20 weeks, so we still have a month to "compromise."

Movement: Our little baby is all kinds of active. I can't feel it yet, but have seen him/her waving, bouncing and swimming around at our last two ultrasounds.

Sleep: Start to get much harder to find a comfortable position.  Not sure if I'm not allowed to sleep on my back or stomach anymore-why are there so many rules?  We are making our first joint trip to Babies R Us this weekend to get one of those pregancy pillows for me. 

What I miss: Remembering things (this baby is taking all my brain cells).  Life off the sofa and out of bed.  I have spent most of my time there, I'm ready to start doing things again!

Cravings: Still in survival mode. Very basic, very carby.  Plain mashed potatoes, cheese pizza getting a peach and banana in there.  Ocassional grilled cheese and tomato sandwich (my summer survival food).

Symptoms: I think I'm turning a corner on the all day nausea.  Can't tell if I feel better or have just learned to cope with feeling sick better.  Lord know's I'm complained about it enough.  Also if it's a symptom, I've gotten it, like clock work.  Enflamed and bleeding gums?  Oh yes, I noticed that when I brushed my teeth this morning.  Most symptoms are far grosser than the gum issue, so I will not share further than that-ha!

Best Moment: Feeling like I may be turning a corner with the sickness here, finding sour gummy prenatal vitamins, and preggy pops.


mrs.mfc said...

I really hope you can start feeling less nauseous!! I also can't wait to start doing normal things again. I'm getting there, especially after starting my new medicine, but I definitely still spend a lot of extra time on the couch.

YAY for 14 weeks!! I hit 14 tomorrow :)

Lexilooo said...

oh! I somehow missed the news that you are expecting! congratulations!!!!

Lexilooo said...

now I am scrolling down and seeing all the posts talking about your pregnancy and feel silly for missing it! I haven't been blogging too much lately!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Hope you're feeling better soon so you can enjoy all the fun and planning. Enjoying the chance to go along this path with you. Rest and looking forward to your next milepost.