Out of Comission

I've been as productive as possible considering I have such a bad cold, my teeth hurt. I bit the bullet and finally took some extra strength Tylenol today. I would have sooner, neither my husband nor I could find the half dozen bottles I have bought during my pregnancy. Only Advil, Excedrine and Alieve-of course!

Despite being at the disadvantage of being 7 months preggo and sick as a dog, I'm getting things done. Like getting things checked off my to-do list that have been on it since August, getting a ticket (where the filing fee is double the cost of the infraction) for not stopping all the way at a stop sign, voting, lunching and shopping with my bestie, lots and lots of Dr Appointments, ordering our Holiday party invites, trying to pick out and order Christmas Cards, planning Thanksgiving menu and grocery list, picking the paint color for the nursery, DAR-ing, Junior Leaguing, sorority advising.

Ok I'm starting to feel a little better about not finishing folding and putting away that last half load of laundry this afternoon!

Now to just find a DQ to quell my craving for a pumpkin pie blizzard.

Lots of Love,



Jules said...

I hope you start feeling better very soon. A blizzard from DQ should be just what the doctor ordered!

Besides your cold and the ticket, it sounds like you've been one busy lady. That's great you've been getting so much done!

Dee Stephens said...

That blizzard looks awesome!