From one vacation to another

I will soon recap our trip to Hawaii, but James and I have a date with Mickey Mouse and best friends for the rest of this week! Plus, our downstairs air conditioner is out, so sitting at our desktop sorting pictures in high temps is not my ideal activity right now. Nor is it ever: importing, organizing, filing, saving, uploading and backing-up all the pictures from at least 4 devices is mind boggling. I'm fondly remembering when I had time, patencince and the mental capacity to do such things-ha!


Needless to say, I'm so very glad we have two a/c units (who knew houses have two these days) and a home warranty because every week something else breaks, leaks or dies around here. I feel like my job is having contractors out to our house, and I haven't even started decorating or furnishing yet. The rate the repair bills are racking up, i'll be wiating on curtains, rugs and more seating for a while!


I finally feel like I've gotten the house clean, it's such a good feeling. Thankfully, I'm recovering from my 'big whopper' of a double ear infection (seriously the doctor I saw said I had a big whopper of an ear infection), and getting some energy back. Almost a week out from flying and my ears still haven't popped/cleared - when that day comes it will be a happy one!


Really feel blessed to be close to family as my mom came and stayed with us last week to help with James when I was feeling really bad, and it was nice to spend time at my mother in laws this afternoon to cool off and play in her nice and cool family room.


I wrote all of the above Monday night and our second A/C unit bit the dust in a matter of hours making for a very hot Tuesday and the bad news we will be at least a week without A/C-blah.


So glad we are having a blast at Disney- it's really so much fun, I haven't been in at least ten years, and am loving every minute!


Don't let James' lack of enthusiasm fool you.


He's loving all the fun and time with his buddies!




I Do Declare said...

I am glad you're having fun back in FL!

DeAnna Stephens said...

He looks tuckered out!