Curly Q

So I'm having a hard time with my hair these days.

I went to a girls night out with some old friends a few weeks ago and confessed to not knowing how to do my hair in the Florida humidity. To which I got looks of dismay from my friends who couldn't believe I was having such a struggle. But I do think there are lots of contributing factors, and wondering if anyone else has some tips. Truth be told I'm a stay at home momma and its hot in the sunshine state, my main styling goal is a cute pony tail, which I've been failing at due to numerous factors:

After a few years of taking pre-natal vitamins I have some very thick locks, which I'm just not used to.

I have some layers I'm looking to control from shorter hair cuts in the past.

Florida Humidity

I don't have hardly any time (or choose not to spend hardly any time) to style my hair.

And last my not least, my main issue is all these new curly ringlets I've acquired since having James. Fun fact for all my non-mommy friends here: your hair falls out like crazy after giving birth. And guess what? Mine grew back a totally new way-make way stick straight hair I've had my whole life to welcome curly ringlets -it's crazy. One third of my hair is stick straight, one third wavy and one third curly curly curly.

My whole head won't curl using curling products and won't stay straight after a 45 minute blowout and round with the flat iron. What's a girl to do? I've watched tutorials on UTube, tried far too expensive products and even when I take the time, don't get the results I'd like.

I just got a new cut that makes things a little more manageable, thank goodness!

Am I alone? Should I do a keratin treatment? How much are they? Cute pony ideas?

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Melissa said...

I hear ya! I looked back at vacation pictures not too long ago only to realize that I have GREAT HAIR when I am not in FL…go figure! Problem is that I have to deal with said humidity and tropical conditions so here is how my hair and I have come to (mostly) good terms...

I like the shorter do in the summer (I am going tomorrow) bc it's just less work. Get some Kenra Blow Dry spray and a good dryer with a diffuser. I only wash my hair 2-3 times/week bc it looks fine for that long. Ponytails are perfectly acceptable 1-2 times/week in my humble opinion. Mamas just have better things to do.

Whatever you do, don't get a keratin treatment though!!! I just read The Honest Life by Jessica Alba (good read, check it out) and she says those are TERRIBLY loaded with chemicals and other yucky stuff.

May the force be with you ; )

Stink Bone Jones said...

Chi makes a great smooth serum I use only on the ends of my hair and if I'm going out then I use a straightener as well. That usually does the trick! This humidity will ruin hair! I love winter here because of no humidity. Also, they sell shampoos for humidity as well.

Sarah said...

I use Aveda Phomollient (works well for pretty much any hair type) & just a tiny bit of Moroccan oil. I have to wash & blow dry every day, so I find the Moroccan oil does a good job of helping protect my hair and fighting humidity. Even though it's pricy, it lasts forever & smells great - I'm still on my first bottle that was purchased over 2 years ago! I love the Moroccan oil shampoo & conditioner too.

DeAnna Stephens said...

I'm in a hair crisis too so no advice :(