Back from Paradise

We have returned safely from one paradise (Hawaii) to another (Florida).

I recovered from a sinus infection just in time to board the plane, only to come back to another cold/sinus thing that I hope clears up in the next day or so. Please! I really hate how near impossible it is to tackle my ever increasing to-do list while being sick-blah. All I know is my ears still haven't popped from our three flight marathon, and I'm ready for my head to feel like its not under water, in a vice grip and having helium pumped in it all at the same time.

The trip was truly amazing, and I'm hoping to write about it and share pictures very soon. We also brought co-sleeping back from our trip. James' room is much too far away, he's been waking up around 11 and that seems like perfect cuddle time to me. Really I don't want to make multiple trips across our room, down the hall, through the dining room, up the stairs, down another hall to his room. So right now he's cuddled up at the foot of our bed and I'm reading and writing this. Love being so close together.


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