Welcome to Fall

It's in the 40's now, the leaves are changing, fall has come to the Thompson house. Thanks to my newest Yankee Candle the scent of warm spices have filled our home. Summer used to be my favorite season, I am a Florida girl after all, but fall is finding a warm place in my heart.

My Welcome Wreath

My Little Jack-O-Lantern
Come on in
The Table
The Mantle
Our Sterling Waterford Candle holders - Thanks Jen & John!
and my favorite decoration of all...
little Miss Molly


Jill said...

Your fall decor looks great! I LOVE Yankee Candles in the fall. My fav is Spiced Pumpkin. Happy Fall!

Shot Gun said...

So cute! You are adorable (and so are your decorations). I miss you!!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Sarah Beth -- come on over to my blog and see what you won! You'll need to send me your address (on my e-mail) so I can send them merrily on their way!

Beth Dunn said...

That looks awesome, especially the dog!!! xoxo


Jules said...

Your home looks so great for fall and I especially love the mantle. Little Miss Molly looks adorable in her costume!

Kelsey712 said...

Hi! I found your decorations on Kelly's Korner and just have to say that your house (and pup) look so cute! I had to comment though because your "about me" section is great.

Have a great Friday!

Allyson said...

Great decor! And dont you just love Yankee Candles!!

Stephanie @ and noah makes five said...

Miss Molly is adorable! Great decorations!:)