The Camera is Abroad

Josh left for a week and a half business trip to the UK and Rome (I know I wish I could have gone along). Of course he packed our little camera which has the memory card with all our pictures, that I would like to share on the blog. Soooo, I will have to delay my posts on the Tennessee Game, Kentucky Game, and LSU Game. Be assured we had a blast with great friends and great football on each trip!

I will however bring out the nice camera to show off my fall decorations, which I completed last night. These are my first decorations in my first home, so I tried to pick items that I can build on. Of course I wish every shelf was decorated every edge accessorized, but we are just starting out and all my holiday decorations will grow over the years. I will try to get snapshots of everything tonight to share!

Speaking of tonight, I am excited to go to dinner with my Junior League small group. I think we are going to Panache. We are an indecisive group... No matter where we go it will be a nice treat. I am wearing a warm black sweater dress, tights, two long pearl and rhinestone necklaces and an awesome bright pink scarf - so fun! I have surprisingly adapted well to the 40 degree weather. I think it helps that it isn't too windy-that's what always gets me in the winter.

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Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I bet you miss that Florida weather this time of year! However, this is unusually cool, even for Virginia -- hope we'll warm up a bit soon. Your outfit sounds darling for such a fun evening -- can't wait to see your fall decor.