It's the Little Things...

Just wanted to share some of the things that have brought me great joy and happiness today. 

One of my office buddies is leaving, which doesn't really make me joyful or happy, but I am very excited for her future endeavors.

Since I don't have someone to make a Starbucks run with anymore, I got her the new insulated Starbucks cold cup as a going away present. 

The guy at Starbucks was so nice, he gave me a free iced coffee, so I bought another cup for myself!  I am just giddy about this!  Josh-don't be mad, I am saving the environment here. = )

To top it all off, we have a very talented baker who made an AMAZING cake to celebrate MC's future.

Yes, that would be a french chiffon cake with orange flavored cream cheese frosting topped with pureed mango. 

Don't worry I told myself this is not part of the diet plan with every bite I took. 
Plus calories don't count on Friday, right? 
It was also a serving of fruit...

Do you like my justifications and excuses?

Enjoy the weekend!


Andrea said...

Yum! That cake looks amazing! Have a great weekend! ~Andrea

Kerri said...

NO, calories do not count on Friday. Or Saturday or Sunday.

A Marine's Wife! said...

agreed! calories do not count on weekends..or vacations! haha!

K.S. Anthony said...

That cake...is calling me.

Beach Belle said...

That cake looks scrumptious! I absolutely love my Starbucks insulated cup! I don't go anywhere without it!