Kindred Connection Party

I am joining Kristin over at Wendy Poplars today for the Kindred Connection Party.  Feel free to join in the fun!

Windy Poplars

1. If you had a day from this past week that you could "live over" (either for good or bad), which one would it be and why?

I would live over Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  One of my best friends, Reema, was visiting this weekend.  On Friday Lacey, Reema and I toured Virginia Wine Country.  It was so much fun!

Saturday morning, I did a 5K with Junior League to benefit Bright Beginnings.  The race was at Hains Point, which is a beautiful park right on the water in DC.  The tree lined streets were beautiful, and it reminded me of my afternoon walks and bike rides on Davis Islands in Tampa. 

After the race, Josh, Molly and I went to a crawfish boil - it was amazing!  I wrapped up the evening at dinner with the besties at Uncle Julios. 

Sunday was my first anniversary, and I got a pair of diamond earrings! 

So if I could tour wine country, go to crawfish boils, spend time with my best friends and get a pair of diamond earrings again, I would live it over and over again!

2. Do you work outside the home? Are you a SAHM? Are you self employed?

I work outside the home, and love what I do!  I work for a global outplacement, coaching and career management firm.  When companies make decisions that impact careers, my company provides services to support the organization and their employees.  I am able to help people everyday, and have fantastic colleagues.  I really look forward to coming into work every morning.  Oh, and my office building is attached to a really nice mall.  So I am able to get my kicks whenever I am actually able to take a lunch break!

3. What are two blogs that you really love, and why?

I LOVE Boo Mama.  She is soo funny, I just feel this connection with her, and she really makes me laugh.  I am totally on the band wagon, but Pioneer Woman and Kelly's Korner are a must read for me.  Pioneer Woman's love story is amazing, oh and her recipes are TO-DIE-FOR!  I can get enough of the pictures of cute little Harper (Kelly's daughter).  I love that she is able to use her blog as her ministry.  It's great how she can share God's love through this outlet.


PVDela said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun, thanks for sharing, it's so fun getting to know everyone this way.

Jan said...

Lovely post, and you have a great site. Love your exuberant enjoyment of life.
God Bless - Jan

living well said...

Happy Anniversary! The wine tour sounds awesome!

puna said...

Hi Sarah Beth! So nice to have met you last night! Love your site! And happy anniversary.

Virginia Belle said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend. Happy Anniversary!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Thanks for the visit to my blog...and I enjoyed reading all about you!!!

Kristin said...

Hi Sarah Beth - you're right, it's all about keeping those re-usable bags in your purse. Then they're always handy! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! ~Kristin