Super Sangria

This weekend, Josh and I had our neighbors over to enjoy the beautiful weather.  I made what turned out to be an awesome White Sangria.

I rinsed, pealed and chopped fruit we had in the fridge including strawberries, blueberries and pink oranges (who even knew those existed)? 
I put the fruit in a pitcher and poured a bunch of triple sec over it and let it sit a little bit so the fruit could absorb the goodness.  Then I added a bottle of Riesling and topped it off with Peach Grape Juice. 

It was absolutely amazing!  I know it's not really a traditional recipe for Sangria, but we enjoyed every last drop of it.


K.S. Anthony said...

Trad or non-trad...that looks like the perfect end to a warm spring day!

A Marine's Wife! said...

pink oranges?! I want to try it!

Mama Bird said...

that sounds fantab!!! going to give it a whirl this weekend!!

Jules said...

That looks and sounds fantastic! I love sangria in the warmer months. Riesling must have been great with it.

Wendybob said...

YUM! I can't wait to try some of that! Perfect!

So glad you stopped by. I'm loving your blog and following you! Looking forward to keeping up with ya!

Laurie said...

This LOOKS beautiful! I'm sure it tasted great too but the presentation is fantastic. I can't wait to try this out;)