Wrapping Up the Junior League Year

Tonight officially wraps up my first year in the Junior League of Washington DC with a happy hour at Sequoia.  It boasts a beautiful view of the Georgetown waterfront, and the weather couldn't be any better for cocktails on the Potomac.

The League headquarters here is a beautiful building right on M Street in Georgetown, decorated beautifully.  Each room is unique, purposeful and gorgeous. 

I'm still adjusting to the different structure of the League here and evaluating how I can have the best overall experience and enjoy meaningful volunteer opportunities  My transfer year was OK.  I really did like the leadership team, but found the experience lacking in hands-on action in the community and making real friendships instead of friendly acquaintances.  Don't get me wrong a year of parties, nice dinners and happy hours are right up my alley, but still left me wanting more.  The highlight of the year was when my friend Sara transferred here from the Gainesville, FL League.  I am hoping my placement next year gets me out there meeting new people and having an impact on the DC Community.

I probably need to stop comparing everything to the Junior League of Tampa.  I just loved it.  Fresh out of grad school, I made connections in the League that made Tampa feel like home.  Our headquarters felt like the sorority house in college, a home base, always buzzing with activity.  General membership meetings were a social hour with great food from our cookbooks, paired with perfect punches and beverages.  I made wonderful friends and was very involved, even served as one of the youngest members on the board of directors.  I had set aspirations in my Junior League "career" while moving from one opportunity to another in my professional career.  Funny, now that I have actual direction in my professional career, I fell lost with what I want to achieve with Junior League. 

Gone are the days of walking down the tree-lined street from my office to the League headquarters in the afternoon. 

Gone are the days of actually knowing someone at every activity I volunteered with.  Gone is familiarity of Florida.  Replaced by the bright lights and bustle of our nations capital.  

This next year I will find purpose in my volunteer activities, I will make amazing new connections and I will add another Presidential Volunteer Service Award to my collection.



Anonymous said...

Hello from a fellow Southern Momma and your newest follower!

I'm originally from Fairfax, Virginia so I know exactly what you're referring to in this post. We moved to NC about 7 years ago and I love the feel of a smaller town. I don't miss the hustle and bustle of Northern VA at all.

Jules said...

It sounds like a wonderful way to wrap up the year, but I’m sorry that your experience in DC has been lacking compared to Tampa. Hopefully next season will be much better. It definitely sounds like you want to make a difference and I think that’s wonderful. That is awesome that you already have a volunteer award. It would be great to add another one to the collection!

Lexilooo said...

I'd love to hear more about your JL experiences...I've been considering joining, but am not sure!