What do I do?

My husband and I went to the Zac Brown Band concert this weekend with a bunch of friends.  I had requested we get lawn seats so I could have more room to move around, and thought it would be pretty comfortable.  It was!  We packed a picnic and got there pretty early to secure a good spot.  It couldn't have been a more beautiful day in Virginia, and we had a great time with our friends before the opening acts came on. 

I was chatting with one of my husbands co-workers wives, who has become my friend in the time we have lived here.  She asked me what I did all day, now that I'm not working.  I hadn't really thought about it all that much, just because there is never a dull moment or very much time that I just get to sit still, as I would have thought. I actually feel much busier than I did while working full time.  And there was that 2-3 month time frame where all I could do was lie in bed I was so sick.  I'm sure I go about things at a much slower pace, but between prepping for baby, keep our house, physical therapy for my glorious sciatic pain, the volunteer work I sometimes manage to do, and trying to control my crazy emotions-that's about it. There isn't a single day were I don't have a full calendar of activities, and not a day that I don't seriously want a nap.  Since I am constantly running around town, and not online all that much, I haven't updated my blog that frequently.  Which I'm sure is disappointing many, many people.  Well mostly my mother-in-law (Hi Lynn) and my brother who is deployed and my blog is one of the few sites that isn't blocked from his viewing pleasure in the middle east (Hi Murph).

Honestly I don't think I would have made it if I still had to work.  I feel so overwhelmed with all the changes going on inside me, and all that we need to do to prepare for this little guy.  I've also developed a temper that never existed prior to being pregnant, or maybe since I was a teenage terror.  Ahh, thank you hormones, not only have you made me totally crazy, but also blessed me with adult acne.  I tend to take all my frustrations out on my husband (sorry sweets), and six months in he is just learning not to retaliate.  It took a few too many months to finally realized I am always right-HA!! 


DSS said...

Isn't it amazing how busy you can stay without work? I didn't work for quite some time, and goodness! I can't imagine how I fit it all in now with my job. Blech!

The Lasher Family said...

Hehe, just wait until after the baby arrives... Talk about crazy hormones! Ian would tell a joke and I would start bawling (instead of laughing) because my hormones screwed up my emotions so bad! And you'll certainly have your hands full, too. =)

Dee Stephens said...

I know what you mean about hormones!