Adventures in Pregnancy Brain

So I was planning to write this post yesterday, but I forgot.  That about sums up my life these days.  If it weren't for the notes app on my iphone and google calendar I don't know if I would remember to get out of bed in the morning, let alone what I was going to do with myself that day. 

Not being able to remember the simplest things is getting old...fast.  I've always had a pretty fantastic memory, down to telling friend what the wore on certain days.  I used to always joke that Josh could tell you the best and worst plays from any Gator Game, and I could tell you what outfit I wore-ha! 

Pregnancy Brain is not only frustrating, it's a HUGE time warp.  I have had afternoons where I have walked up and down the stairs four times because by the time I get to the top, I forgot what I was going for.  Now I know this happens to just about anyone but after the first time, you're bound to have a clue of what you needed upon your return.  Leaving the house usually take at least three attempts.  First, I can't carry that much, second I have to keep going back inside for things I forget.  I already know it will take at least two hours to get out the door once this little guy gets here-ha!

At least I have my lifeline, my iphone.  Pregnancy Brain tried to steal that from me on Monday as well.  What more can you take from me???  I was feeling rather adventurous and decided to take an alternative route at the Grocery store.  No big deal someone from the outside may think, but I shop at the Disney World of grocery stores.  Their cheese shop is larger than most produce sections, their produce section is larger than most grocery stores.  I took a detour that lead me down so many paths of distraction, it was unbelievable and ended in tradegy-no iphone to be found. 

I made my menu and grocery list for the week, and was happy to set about my shopping experience.  While parking in the awesome expectant mothers spot, I remembered another pregnancy symptom I was suffering from.  Pregnancy Acne-boo.  I was almost out of face wash and also wanted to add some salicylic acid to my daily regime.  Lucky for me, Wegmans has a large skin care section that is even staffed by a friendly employee.  I didn't start my shopping expereince in the produce section this Monday, NO, I cut right through the pharmacy on my way to skin care, misstep #1.  Low and behold a fancy blood pressure machine, wanting to be sure I was still in a healthy range, I decided to try it out, misstep #2.  135/76 - oh that's not so good, how am I going to remember that?-Ahh I'll write it in a note to myself on my iphone, misstep #3.  This machine does awesome things, not only my blood pressure, but it takes my weight, too-well why not, misstep #4.  Being so thrilled that I am still at my pre-pregnancy weight on the nose that I leave my handy iphone on the blood pressure machine-the final blow.

I continued my journey to skin care, where while perusing the few hundred face wash options, I witnessed another customer have a seizure.  Distraction #1 Stepping in assist her, I left my purse unattended for a solid 20 minutes, she was fine and medical professionals whisked her away.  I went on with my shopping.  Somehow I detoured to the coffee bar where I had a pumpkin spice latte, which I dare say was better than Starbucks.  Distraction #2.  They were also sampling a new Ghirardelli chocolate, which reminded me that I had read on a blog that Ghirardelli had new dark chocolate salted caramel squares, if any store was going to have it, it would be Wegmans-off to the chocolate section--Distraction #3, 4, 5 and 6.  I searched and didn't find it, so continued on with what now became my boring shopping list.  I was checking out when I first realized I didn't have my iphone readily accessible.  My fall/winter purse is HUGE-so I figured once I got to the car I could riffle through more effectively.  Once at the car-I came to realize NO PHONE!  EEEE, how am I going to explain this to Josh, would he actually let me get a new one?  What would my life become without it?  I first thought of the 20 minutes my purse was unattended, but why would someone grab the phone and not my whole purse?  Then went to the pharmacy, where they told me to go to customer service.  They had logged my phone had been turned in by an employee, and went to the back to retrieve it.  Thank goodness! 

I am not looking forward to 4 more months of forgetting things, somehow I don't think it's going to get any better after the baby comes either-ha!

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