Getting There

Remember that trip I was so excited to go on?  To, where was it?? Oh, Greece, that's right.

Well life came at me so fast and furious upon our arrival home and immediate results of a positive pregnancy test.  That I still, more than a month later haven't even glanced at the thousands of pictures we took there.  But, I plan to solve that, and share pictures with family and friends now that I have a little free time.

As a result of Josh's extensive travels and airline status, we had an abundance of frequent filer miles to cash in on our dream vacation.  Cash in is exactly what we did, and were able to fly business class on Lufthansa, which was a real treat.  I don't know all the exact differences between business and first class, but I do know I had a complementary drink in my had at all times, fantastic food from a gourmet menu, my own personal TV with more channels and movies than I could watch if we flew around the world a few times, and a seat that let me recline, lounge and even lay flat when I was ready to snooze.  It was really all a girl could ask for.

We began our trip in the Air France lounge (Lufthansa Senator's Lounge was being remodeled).  But I was A-okay with that because it meant I got to toast Oprah with real French Campaign as I watched her last show.

We quickly boarded and got settled, after a few movies a brilliant dinner, and a good night's sleep.  It was time for the next main event, breakfast-ha!

This is where I found a new favorite combo of croissants, nutella, coffee and the Golden Girls while flying over England.  What can I say?  Estell, Blanch, Dorthy and Rose are perfectly complemented by a chocolaty hazelnut spread.

On this leg, we connected to Athens via Munich.

We decided when in Germany...
Never mind it was 9 am there and 4 am back in the states, the Lowenbrau was flowing in the Senators Lounge, and we felt it was our duty to partake.


I Do Declare said...

Oh my - the travel alone seems fabulous....I'd have just wanted to skip touring and stay on the plane! Can't wait to see the rest!

Dee Stephens said...

Sounds like my kind of trip. I have never flown in business class going overseas. I've seen the seats that make into beds though! Only a girl can dream!

DSS said...

Well hello Miss Fancy Pants!! I have never flowing business class, but was upgraded to first class once. Mind you, it wasn't for a very long flight :( I've been stuck in coach for all European trips, and your pictures have made me realize that I need to look at trading in those miles to get myself into this section the next time! That food looks delish :)

Jules said...

First of all, congrats on the baby news! You and Josh must be over the moon excited. I’m really happy for you guys.

Traveling can be such a pain in getting to your final destination. The trip to Greece sounds quite the contrary and pretty darn amazing. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do that eat croissants while watching Golden Girls :)

Ruth said...

Wow! Just the travel sounds great. I can't wait to hear more about it.