Silver Linings

It's been a long hard week.

I was looking forward to my second trimester to bring some relief of the exhaustion and sickness, it has multiplied 10 fold. I'm so lucky to have the support of my husband as I have been able to stay home and focus on having a healthy pregnancy.  I really thought I would be able to power through, but carrying our child is teaching me many lessons in sacrifice, and in-turn helping me prepare for what is to come.

Our trip to Seattle last week was great, and to see friends who I don't see nearly enough and to be there for the marriage of one of those friend was well worth the trip across the country. 

It's hard learning to deal with not being able to do half a quarter of the things I'm used to, but I'm doing it - with a smile most of the time. 

Needless to say the travel and a busier itinerary than I'm used to these days set me back, but the real set back came with a call from Josh earlier this week.  After the wedding he flew to San Diego for a business trip, while I flew back home to DC. 

Since he was on the west coast, I was surprised to receive an early morning call from him and even more surprised with the news he had to share.  I could tell by his tone it wasn't good, but nothing could have prepared me for the shock and disbelief when he told me his second cousin's newborn had passed away.  We had just celebrated Hayden Lee's birth last week, and were amazed at how beautiful their family pictures were just hours after he was born.  Loosing him at five days old is such a tradegy. 

I am beyond heart broken.  Heart broken he is gone, heart broken for his wonderful parents Robyn and David, heart broken that anyone especially someone I love has to face this. 

It's been a tear-filled and prayer-filled week.  I pray that as friends and family we can give Robyn and David the love and support they need to survive this, and that where we fall short God can carry them through this tragedy.


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh how sad for that sweet family -- to go from the miracle of birth to the end of life in five short days. I too will pray for them to be lifted up by the love of friends and family.

katy said...

Oh my goodness so sad! What happened? Thinking of y'all and praying for them!

Kristin said...

That is beyond heart wrenching. My prayers are with that poor family!