An End of an Era

In doing my best to motivate Josh to go to the Farmer's Market with me on Saturday morning, I told him we only have about 20 more weekends of our life to be able to do this!  Let's get out of bed and go! 

I was later informed by one of my best friends husband that we in fact only have about 20 more weekends to sleep in.  Sooner than we know it, we will have done more on Saturday and Sunday by 11 am than we used to in the whole weekend, having kids means no more sleeping in-ha!

Well, I'm still glad we went to the Farmers Market down the street in beautiful "downtown" Falls Church. For some reason, that I do not approve of dogs are not allowed at the Farmers Market.  Much to Josh's opposition (he is a big rule follower), I put Molly in a huge LLBean tote and carried her around with her little head poking out of the top-she LOVED it!

My mission at the Farmers Market was two fold.  Stock up on some fresh tomatoes (tomato sandwiches are my mainstay survival food right now), and a get a savory crepe.  Mission accomplished!

Josh picked up some sweet hot pickles and an eggplant to round out our trip.

Later in the afternoon, we went out to our friend Jen and John's house.  The boys went to the driving range while Jack took his afternoon nap, then we all headed downtown for the DC Gator Club's night with the Nationals.  It was so fun!
Of course we only made it to the fourth inning-way past a two-year-old's (and two preggo's) bed time.  The funny part is he fared much better on the metro ride home than I did-ha!

Hope y'all had a great weekend, too!


Dee Stephens said...

A Farmer's Market run is out Saturday ritual.
Of course, we were out of town this weekend so we didn't make it but I'll hit up one we have here in Downtown this week.
I bet it was HOT at the Nationals game!

Aja said...

Dave and I often talk about those weekend mornings spent laying around. Although they're pretty foggy in my memory! 6:30am on a Saturday is rough, but it's worth it when your two-year-old comes into your room and says through his Nuker, "You want to comfy cozy with Mommy in her big bed!" and snuggles up to you. :)

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

In all the excitement of the coming blessed event....it's easy to overlook these last months of enjoying being a couple. So enjoy those Saturdays -- farmers market ---sleeping in --- whatever you two enjoy!

Ruth said...

What a fun weekend.
You never know you might get to sleep in. Both my brother and I have always been late sleepers.

The Lasher Family said...

Sleeping in... what's that?