Destination Dijor

Later this week we are off to the very fine state of Washington for the wedding of one of my finest friends!  We had originally planned a week long trip with extended family, etc.  Although cleared before accepting my job offer, it wasn't really going to workout with my at the time very demanding position.  So Josh and I whittled down our time away, but I am still looking forward to taking in all the sites and activities Seattle and Washington Wine country have to offer.

In my planning I would like to include at visit to Pike's Place Market

Where I plan to spend some quality time at Beecher's Cheese

Then of course to the original Starbucks across the street

Perhaps a tour of underground Seattle, followed by a trip to Waterfall Gardens

And what better way to end a tourists dream day, but with dinner at the Space Needle, don't worry I've already made reservations-ha!
I love being a tourist everywhere I go, even in my hometown of DC.


Anonymous said...

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Melissa said...

Sounds fun! Have a drink at the original Starbucks for me-I would love to take a pilgrimage there someday : )

Dee Stephens said...

I have been to Seattle numerous times since I have family there.
You're going to love the market. They have some great vintage finds.
If you have time either plan a trip to Mt. Rainier or take the Clipper over to Victoria and visit the Buchart Gardens and The Empress Hotel.
It's a day trip and totally worth it!

Virginia Belle said...

Have such a great trip! I've never been to Seattle before but have always wanted to go. Can't wait to hear about your visit!

Claire said...

There is also a great donut shop in Seattle, too, thougH I can't remember the name of it. Have fun!!