Pin It!

FYI, Pinterest is the MOST amazing website on the face of the planet.  A few months ago a good friend told me about it, and I told her, I already can't keep up with facebook and my blog, I don't need something else sucking all my time on internet.  Well now that I don't have a pesky job keeping me from surfing the internet all day, I am pinning up a storm.  And it is GLORIOUS! 

I have pinned close to 100 nursery inspiration pics

Source: houzz.com via Sarah on Pinterest

The quote that used to describe my life

a little more like it these days

The best part is, you can pin for 5 minutes or 5 hours, on your iphone or on your desktop, totally up to you.  Don't be silly like me and wait to start pinning your little heart away. 
Come be my friend and pin along!! 


Jules said...

Pinterest is so addicitng! I tell myself I'm going to get on a for a few minutes and then 2 hours later, I'm still there.

I'm following you now and completely agree about the last two before and after quotes. They perfectly describe me 6 years ago and now!

Ruth said...

Pinterest is so addicting. I have to limit myself each week or I would go crazy and be insanely behind on blogs.
All of those nurseries are just to cute.