Well, I do declare, today just may be more beautiful than yesterday.  Mother Nature has been on her A game these last few days here in Northern Virginia.  Pretty good, because we have a wedding to go to tonight.  I just love it when everything works out perfectly for weddings!  Beautiful people, beautiful day...can't get much better!

Speaking of perfect, one of Josh's team members prepared an itinerary for this evenings events.  Shhh don't tell Josh, but I think I've met my soul mate...a man who makes detailed itinerary's for an evening's events-I swoon.  Although now that I think of it, Josh was very helpful making our four-page wedding weekend itinerary, it was tres impressive.  Everyone who saw it LOVED it.  But then again, when you get two type A's together this kind of thing happens.  That, and having your bank account balanced out to the penny each month, I digress.

Saturday, we are off to select our custom cabinets (still a soar subject), and attend a corporate event with Josh's company.  We are both hoping there will be TV's so we can catch our Gators whoop it up on the Bulls.  Just realized that we can't watch the replay since hotel cable doesn't have the Sunshine Network, no Breakfast with the Gators until we move back in our house=total sadness.

I also have this crazy desire to deep clean and detail my car, so if my desire turns into motivation I may have one clean car come Monday.  I'm spending more time than I care in there since school started this week, which for some strange reason multiplies traffic by 100. 

Hope y'all have a great weekend, too!


DSS said...

Hmmm..I just commented. But now it's saying error.

Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

Have a great time tonight!