Traveling with the Hubs

So if it's a long weekend, chances are Josh and I are on a flight to Florida come Friday afternoon.  It's our chance to see our family, friends and if we're lucky a football game.  Labor Day weekend was no different.  We squeezed in every friend, family member and moment in The Swamp we could.

Sometimes I meet Josh at our destination (he travels a lot and has way more vacation time than I do, so we are strategic in our flight plans more times than not).  Since travel is his middle name, he know how to do it and do it well.  I love to travel with him.  Except his policy of if you pack it you carry it, and under very limited circumstances can you check a bag.  But I'm adjusting... 

The benefits far outweigh these guidelines.

When I'm with him, I get two things-airline clubs and first class, both of which I am fond of because it means free and unlimited wine.

Although he always gets the window seat. Sometimes he lets me lean over him to see the sights-especially when it's sunset over the gulf coast!