Our Dining Room

I'm excited to be able to participate in Kelly's Show Us Where You Live this week.  Now that I actually live back in my home, we are getting to experience all the joys that go along with home ownership (leaking roof anyone)?  Seriously as soon as we get moved back in from one flood, we have another, which are totally unrelated by the way.  We're rolling with it, and looking forward to the weekend.  Shirlington's Oktoberfest and the Bama game.  A little sad we aren't in Tuscaloosa especially with the ticket offers that rolled in this week.  But I hope all my besties have fun at the Lake House and tailgating for the game!!! 

So on to our dining room.  I just realized that our curtains are still at the dry cleaners.  At least I've got my table linens, which will stay on the table until the movers send the restoration company to repair all the scratches it acquired during the demo and move. 
I put out some heartier plates for fall, but I'm thinking about hanging them on one of the walls in the living room, we'll see how industrious I get.
My cookbook shelf tucked in the corner-featuring my Junior League of Tampa Cookbooks.  Can't wait to complete the series with Capture the Coast!
My family's prayer.

My mom cross stitched it for me and it was a gift at one of my showers.

My China Cabinet-I have it set up a little differently after the move.  I have all of Josh's grandmothers tea cups out now, and really like it.  Lord knows I have enough crystal and china-may as well switch it out from time to time. =)

All lit up and ready for a nice dinner.  Guess that means I need to get cookin!

It wouldn't be a Friday if I didn't get to say, Go Gators-Beat Bama!

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