Friday Five: According to James

What five things James is loving this Friday.

That mommy can't get off the floor as fast as I can climb on the table.

Also that Cheerios are a great substitution for confetti when you have something to celebrate and no tiny pieces of colored paper to throw in the air.

That I got to walk Molly all by myself this morning in my PJs.

And jump in every puddle along the way.

Baby Boat Drinks.

Miami Vice anyone?

My new book, Barnyard Bath!

Scrub, scrub, scrub little piggy.

My new car. I got it by trading in my hair, great deal if you ask me.

Just waiting for it to be delivered...

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DeAnna Stephens said...

WOW! Him on top of that table!! BTW - love your chandy!

Lexilooo said...

The photo with Molly is adorable!

Ruth said...

Those are some mighty big adventures.