Happiest 4th

My favorite holiday (tied with Christmas).

And oh we had fun!

Best part of our day was celebrating our favorite patriot as my brother surprised us by flying in from Texas and strolled into my kitchen just before lunch was ready. I hugged his neck for the longest time.

All the awesome desserts, apple pie, flag cake and chocolate torte. Yum!

So proud to celebrate our great country and our freedom. My brother deploys in a few days to protect us all, I'm so very grateful we got to spend this holiday together as a family.

James had such fun riding in his wagon, being surrounded by all his grandparents who he proudly calls by name (all day long), swimming and playing with sweet friends. He stayed with grandparents while Murphey, Josh and I watch fireworks in the rain from across the bay. I may have serenaded them with a few of my favorite patriotic songs!

James calling his partner in crime!


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Your little guy is growing up fast! He's so adorable.

Melissa said...

I would have DIED if my brother had done that to me-what a fun surprise!!!

I love James' john-john! Smocked flags are some of my favorites.

We'll be praying for Murph as he deploys. If his deployment lasts that long, he gets dibs on next year's annual 4th of July "soldier box" that the boys and I make : )

Ruth said...

What a wonderful surprise. And a great way to spend the 4th.

Kristin said...

Love the last pic!!

I Do Declare said...

What a great surprise!!!! James looks adorbs!