To Grandmothers House We Go

James, Molly and I have spent the past few days with my parents house and it's been lovely.

All ready to go to Nannie and Popa Morgans house!

Josh is on a business trip and I had a bridal shower for a dear friend, so we decided to stay for a while.
Kristin had a beautiful shower at the beach, it was so fun to catch up with old friends and literally see her showered with love. I'm so excited for her and her awesome fiancé. They make the perfect pair. I thought she looked very Kate Middleton, no?

I tried to edit the picture in iPhoto, but I have trouble with that app. Kind of neat, but not exactly what I was going for.

I had fun wrapping her present and tried to be a little shabby chic, while using a template I had pinned on Pinterest.

I've been going 'homemade' on wrapping and cards lately. Mostly because I don't want to bring James shopping with me. I have mental images of him yelling until I let him take every card off the rack. I'm probably imagining the worst, but still he likes to be very hands on. So I take out some scrapbook supplies and go to town. I'm really missing Paper Source these days, but wouldn't dare bring James in there-ha!

We are enjoying our time with Nannie and Poppa Morgan. James and Molly just got back from their third walk of the morning. So I'm off to play trucks.

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DeAnna Stephens said...

Ahhh.. little boys.. they will be little boys. Like that color on you!