Friday Five

It's my first time linking up!

The gift that keeps on giving.

A wine saver, helps me maintain my new mantra, a glass a day keeps the fights at bay.

It took me 16 months of motherhood to finally realize how much a glass of something white and refreshing helps during that 4 pm witching hour. James does not wake up refreshed from his afternoon nap, more like a crazed injured wild animal whose tranquilizer just wore off. My momma friends just told me, have a glass (or two) of wine. I hated opening bottles that would eventually go to waste. Until one of my momma besties gave me this. Game changer, the pressure is off to finish a bottle in a day or two! I wonder if my husband as noticed I'm not as crabby when he gets home from work?

No more ponytails and make-up free days. Hoping to look in the mirror and say Oh YEAAAH a few more times a day than oh NOOO. I'm still figuring out how to get dressed (in non-workout cloths) and ready with the hot Florida sun, working out a few days a week, and you know a toddler who likes all attention on him all the time. The awesome kid zone at the club is a hug help. Ironically I think I've blown my hair out in the locker room more than at home this summer-ha! Yesterday I flat ironed and eyelined for the first time since Sunday as seen in the photo above.

Is that my child picking up after himself?!?

There is so much food on our floor, Molly has actually gotten picky about what she will eat now. I vacuum at least three times a day. Thinking about getting a dust buster instead of lugging out the central vac all the time.

So excited to going to Trader Joes this weekend. I love Publix, but miss my TJ's terribly. Going to a sorority sisters daughters birthday in Sarasota, and visiting their nearby TJ's- its totally the icing on the cake this weekend. Looks like my email campaign to TJs paid off as they are building one in Tampa right by my church-yeah!!

Speaking of church, I'm teaching the lesson on Acts this week (we rotate teaching). Have to finish my lesson plan during nap time this afternoon cause its going to be a fun filled and busy weekend!

Hope you have a good one!

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DeAnna Stephens said...

Yay for wine saver! I've been using those for years! Molly, getting picky. That's hysterical!

Allie said...

Ha ha I KNEW you would go to trader joes when you come down. CANT wait to see you all!

Ruth said...

I need to pick up one of those wine savers. I am bad about not finishing a bottle off myself.

RayRay said...

A glass of wine at 4pm does make everything better!!!! McKinnon also wakes like a bear (if he even takes a nap). Glad to know that I am not the only one having a cocktail by myself late afternoon :)