One-and-a-Half Years

How could it be that that a year and a half has passed since you were born? Your daddy and I agree that it's hard to remember a time that you weren't a part of our lives. I guess everything pales in comparison to you.

Vibrant is possibly one of the best words to describe you in fact.
Every range of emotion you express with gusto from pride in a new skill learned, excitement and joy to be starting each and every day, anger from not being able to do what you want- you clearly let us (and everyone else around) know how you feel.

You are 33" tall which puts you in the 72nd percentile and weight 24 pounds 10oz, 34%.

At 18 months old, you have lots of interests and activities, here are a few:
Puzzles, trains, cars, trucks ("vrmm vrmm vrmm"), stacking (and knocking down blocks), walking Molly, playing with friends, swimming, and ducks-oh your LOVE of ducks.

You love to eat: Spinach, grapefruit and ice cream are your favorite foods. You are willing to try most things and I am very proud of your palate and fruit and veggie intake. The other night you had a spear of asparagus in each hand alternating bites and smiling in between saying, "mmmmm."

You always give a squeal of delight when we bring you something "yummy, yummy, yummy" to eat, and have even tried sushi.

Adventurous within reason...
You love to climb, on top of any table (which doesn't go too well at the library), up ladders and of course into your parents or grandparents laps. I'm grateful that you are more than willing to hold our hands while going for walks and when we get out of the car. Sometimes you are ready to go go go a little faster than me, I'm sure that will never change. You'll hold on tight in a new situation or when things get a little crazy. There is no doubt you are all boy, but I'm glad sometimes you are a tad cautious. As Grandpa says to you all day long - DANGER, DANGER.

At your 18th month well visit, your doctor commented on how confident you are-which is really neat and probably an inherited trait from your momma and daddy. You're also very vocal-saying more than 30 words and phrases. Momma and duck are the most used and abused words in your vocabulary. I'm typically always by your side, and you like to have as much of my attention as possible, Mom, Momma, Mom Mom Mom - I have to say, it never gets old. It amazes me how you can find a duck in just about any book we read, any room we are in or just about anywhere we go.

Just because I've kept track, here are some of your words: Mom, Momma, Dad, Dadda, Josh, Hi, Hi Josh, Hi__, bye, bye bye, Beau, Ball, Gaga (Grandma's go to name), Quack, Uh Oh, Hello, good bye, good night, Poppa, Goonpa (Grandpa), Nannie, Duck, No, Hat, Hot, Yummy, Bird, Llama, Yes, Blue, Leg, Ohoh Ahah (monkey sound),
You can identify most spots on your body: I love that you lift up your shirt to show us your belly button when we ask where it is and sometimes get ears and eyes confused.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is your favorite song. Even if you are busy climbing on a table, rocking in the rocking chair or all the way across the room at storytime, Twinkle Twinkle gets your attention and you get on the floor and do all the sign language with the song.

Reading is back to being one of your favorite things to do (there was a 3 month book throwing phase that was resolved by the old standby "Where is Baby's Pumpkin" we read a lot about trick-or-treating this summer. 'Twas the Night before Kickoff is your favorite book now. We spend a lot of time reading lots of books everyday, and you've begun to occupy yourself by flipping through books on your own (happily spotting ducks amongst the pages).

To this day I get stopped in the store and receive many comments about how happy you are. I'm so glad you are so happy and filled with such joy. A hug from you usually means both you and your little friend end up on the floor. I cherish every moment spent with you. Without a doubt my life has been changed for the better, been given more meaning and blessed beyond measure because you are in it. If this is how good the first year and a half is, I can't wait for the rest, you truly are THE BEST!

Love always,

Your Mommy


DeAnna Stephens said...

So sweet! Awesome that he's a good eater!

Ruth said...

So sweet. I love the little sailor outfit.

Alana said...

Awww! He is getting so BIG!! :)