It's been a while, not that we don't have a lot going on, we do. I just haven't had many free moments to write about it. I'm actually writing this while doing cardio/legs at the gym-hello multitasking/not being good at anything I do anymore.

In a very sad development Splenda has been moved to the caution list by the CSPI and Truvia isn't the same. I kicked coffee while pregnant and have even bid a fond farewell to Coke and all sodas, but staying home with a toddler requires more energy than my body is currently producing. I need caffeine and I'd like it to taste good (with as few calories as possible).

I am looking forward to picking up an occasional Starbucks conveniently located next to James' mothers morning out program to fuel whatever house project/cleaning I'll be doing in those two (and a half) 'free' hours each week.

Wonder how long it will take me to paint every room in our house two hours at a time...

We'll have to pick paint colors first, which has been an obstacle thus far. Every wall in this house is painted a hue so far from our comfort level that we can't even think of colors that would work while in the room (insert red dining room).

James escaping my playing him Mary Had a Little Lamb and Twinkle Twinkle on the keyboard in his playroom. Hanging from the chandelier seemed much more fun!

I'm doing my best to keep him OFF tables, so we read lots of books, 'Twas the Night Before Kickoff is his current favorite and working on our Gator chomp to get ready for football season!

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DeAnna Stephens said...

Look at you multi-tasking!