Just where we left off...

Well I feel like we are starting to get acclimated to the Florida lifestyle.  We are living in a hotel like most of the state's inhabitants (tourists).

I've mapped out every storytime, music class, and park in a 20 mile radius - James and I leave the hotel by 8:30 every morning and hopefully return by 12, so we both don't have to sit in the car for his whole nap - unfortunatly my non-transferring son is taking lots of carseat naps...still. So sometimes we are in the car for 3 hours - which is taking it's toll on my back.

We had a very festive weekend - pizza party on Friday night with some of our very best friends.  Joined the country club, got very creative with carseat napping, had new tires and brakes put on Josh's Xterra, and had a festive dinner at the Columbia on Sand Key and an unfortunate heimlich done on a 1-year-old who liked daddys red velvet birthday cake a little too much on Saturday.  Sunday - we celebrated Josh's Birthday - he is now the same age as me again - it's a hard three months I have being older than my husband =)

All the festivities are surely fun, but they are running our little guy (and me) ragged - his bedtime was 6:30 before we moved and this weekend it was more like 9:30 - poor fella.  I'm really focusing on us getting back on track.  Eating almost every meal out - takes up so much time and calories.  I've gained 10 pounds in the 2 weeks we've been back - not what I was expecting.  Hello I live in FL now, we have a pool in our soon to be backyard, I need to be in a bathing suit all the time and we go to Hawaii in June.  Getting into a normal schedule this week of working out and walks everyday and eating a few more meals in our little kitchenette - I've been making a knock off Trader Joes Kale and Edamame Salad and my all time fav Warm Quinoa Salad.  Which reminds me, I need to write Trader Joe's again to remind them I need them to open a store in the Tampa Bay Region ASAP (I try to do this weekly-I have such fantastic priorities). 

Speaking of priorities, I feel like I should know how I want to decorate our new home.  I just don't know in the least....

We are almost tripling the square footage we had in Virginia - so I know we will need a few rooms worth of furniture - ha.  I will be working around the a lot of the previous owners designs and really have a hard time thinking how to deal with half of the first floor in black and white imported Carrera marble floors.  Actually I do have a pretty good game plan for dealing with that, I think the real problem is I like to weigh out my options more than "do things."  I can't even commit to a rug for the play room, I think I have about 15 in shopping carts around the world wide web right now- I'm obviously going to have lots of issues decorating.  Just thinking of which rooms to have the movers place our existing furniture makes me anxious.

But I do love our neighborhood and usually drive by our new home once a day- hope no one has noticed yet =)

I love the spanish moss hanging from the oaks lining the roadways. 

 I love that the temperature drops 5 degrees when you pull into the neighborhood - thanks to all the woodlands and conservation.  I love that we see dear, turtles, every type of bird and even alligators on our daily walks.  I really love that the flag poles on every mailbox wave Old Glory - I can't wait for the fourth of July at our new house!

Very excited to be home, and I'm ready to get settled in.  Just a few more weeks!


Aja said...

You not having a decorating game plan is making me sweat! I had so much picked out for our new house and it was STILL so much work and took so much more time and money than we expected. It's all worth it in the end, but you will sure have a busy summer!

Kristin said...

Living out of a hotel has to be a pain. And the nap situation..bless your heart! Things will get better.

Dee Stephens said...

I'm jealous!! Your neighborhood looks awesome! So fun to get settled into the home you know you'll be for a long time and James will grow up.

Ruth said...

Your neighborhood looks amazing. WE are trying to get a Trader Joe's in the Memphis area.