The Tooth Fairy Came Early

Yesterday was a bigger day than I was expecting it to be.

James had a dark spot on one of his front teeth that has been bothering me and when I noticed a chip on the backside, I thought it was worth asking one of my very best friends, who happens to be a pediatric PA about it.   She reviewed the risks with me: exposed nerve, risk for infection, etc - so I called a few pediatric dentists to have my little guy checked out.  We ended up taking James to the same practice my husband went to as a child and they were fantastic! 

After an exam and x-rays we discovered that his little front tooth never fully developed and his nerve was exposed.  It wasn't infected, but was at risk both the his health and the development of his permanent tooth.  It was in his best interest to have that little baby tooth pulled.  They wrapped him in the little baby papoose and I sang to him and held his little hands and legs under the purple wrap.  I know we did the right thing for him, but I'm still a little sad about it.  I took one last shot of his teethy grin before my 14 month old went from 5 teeth back to 4.

This whole experience has me in awe of God's mastery in creating us - everything that comes together for each of us to be who we are is such a miracle.  So very grateful for his guidance in our parenting and creating James to be such a special little boy who may just spend the next 6 or 7 Christmases wishing for his two front teeth...


Angel said...

Awww little guy! You totally did the right thing for him!

Melissa said...

As a mama I know why you were a bit sad, but you did the right thing. He will still look precious and you did what was best for his longterm health. Not a whole lot more "mommy" than that : )