Growing Up

So what has James been up to in his 14th month?

He now proudly says momma, dadda, Josh, bye, bye Josh, hat, hi, ball, beau (grandparents dog and what he calls all dogs)

He loves his shoes, since he isn't walking yet they are purely an accessory- but one he must have on at all times. I even put him down for his nap today in his crocs hoping that would make him happy - it did not. First thing when he wakes up in the morning he goes to find a pair of shoes (he has three) if he can't find a pair of his he tries to put on a pair of Joshes. Somehow he knows not to wear Mommas. He can put his toes in, but hasn't gotten his heal quite yet. His favorite are his crocs, although I try not to do those all too often as I don't know if they will impede his walking attempts. However he toddled around in them a little this afternoon, so who knows. We say socks and shoes as well as do the sign language for them, but he has a certain whine/grunt that I know means please put my shoes on, or my shoe fell off get it get it!

He graduated from ISR swim lessons in 2.5 weeks, he completed the floating phase and we'll go back to swim to the wall later this summer when he's walking. He's a great floater and we practice what he learned in swim lessons in grandma and grandpas pool- maybe we will get to give ours a try this weekend (wishful thinking I know).

We spend our afternoons going to Gymboree or one of the very many nearby parks.

He's getting better at hanging out in the gym daycare and church nursery. Mommy loves that!

He's not very into books right now, I feel like I'm reading them to myself, but I still read to him 30 minutes to an hour everyday.

He loves breakfast at the hotel and going out to eat because he loves people and makes friends everywhere we go. He has his girlfriends here at the hotel and I'm not sure how he is going to do having to eat all his meals just with me. He likes to talk to, wave and flirt with the ladies for sure!

Oh and that snaggle tooth grin of his, it was breaking my heart really really breaking my heartNow I really really love it!

We picked blueberries last week which was interesting with a stroller, crawler/carried little boy who doesn't particularly like blueberries.

I've realized that he understands just about everything I say and although his vocabulary is limited to a very southern drawl of baaaalll and beaaau - we know what the other person means almost 100% of the time.

Even when he's squirming out of my arms, refusing to sit still or do the things I ask - I still love spending just about every waking and sleeping (we are in a hotel suite) moment with my sweet little boy.

I can't wait to bring him to the house he will grow up in tomorrow!

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Dee Stephens said...

He is so cute! He'll be walking in no time!

Kristin said...

Too funny about his shoe obsession. That seems super fast abt ISR..yay for him!!

Ruth said...

My nephews both called every dog by one name. The funny thing is they have two dogs and they each ended up using a different name.