Getting Excited

I've been guarded trying not to get 'too' excited about moving into our new home for fear one of the many things involved in buying and moving may go wrong and I don't know...we live in a Marriott for the rest of our lives.

Yesterday we had our walk through, and I'm officially excited!

Lots of work ahead, lots of painting and lots and lots of furniture to buy, but I'm really excited to make it ours!! Closing in a few more days, and I can't wait to spend our first night there, red walls and all.

We've been more than warmly welcomed by friends. As lost as I feel some days, others I feel completely at home, and so happy to have such great friends back in our day to day lives.

Weekly play dates with one of my sorority sisters has been so fun, even more fun celebrating her son and sisters son's first birthdays. Added bonus lots of long-lost college cums and seeing their kiddos as well. I don't know what's nicer seeing old friends or meeting their children. It's such a treat either way.

Girls nights out with such wonderful friends, I've never appreciated a cheesy fondu dinner at melting pot so much.

Sharing special traditions with some of my very best friends. I had a moment of knowing I was living the dream, as Josh often puts it. Sipping mimosas with her at the same beach restaurant where we hosted her baby shower a few years back - our boys now sitting next to each other sharing cheese grits. Sharing memories and making new ones as gulf coast breezes blew through the courtyard. Yes- we are home.

I know Gods been listening to my prayers, and lead me to run into one of my sorority sisters at the country club gym on Monday. Talk about a warm welcome and words of encouragement and inspiration that I needed to hear. So excited to connect with her, and a few hours later a call from yet another college friend and sister, her voice was music to my ears, can't wait to get together and reconnect with all these great people.

I feel even more at home in the church we attended and were married in. We've been more than warmly welcomed back, and the homemade banana bread they brought to the hotel yesterday was surly a happy treat.

While I'm still figuring it all out, and feel like a fish out of water more than I'd like to, this new chapter is really starting to take shape. I'm so grateful to be creating a nest for our family, cherishing old friendships getting a fresh start, and enjoying making new friends along the way.

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Dee Stephens said...

YAY for you!!!! So glad you've connected with some peeps!