Salad Worth Sharing

I have to share this recipe that has truly become a staple at our house.  I was introduced to Warm Quinoa Salad by my friend Jenny when she hosted our playgroup.  She has amazing taste and is a truly gifted chef.  I envy her culinary abilities, collection of Gourmet magazines and story telling voices.

Things I love about this dish:
It's delicious
Filling but not heavy
Great for entertaining.  I'm always looking for things I can make ahead and serve at room temp - I had friends over a few weeks ago and while they actually had to help me make it (thanks Lisa) they all loved it and wanted the recipe - that's when you know you have a keeper!
Awesome make ahead meal for an quick and easy lunch all week - which is how I'm having it now.
Also the variations are limitless, just thinking of all the veggie and dressing options make me giddy.

Warm Quinoa Salad

Quinoa: Cook 1 cup of quinoa half white, half black (or red), with a bit of salt.

2 T Lemon Juice
1.5 t Dijon
4 T Olive Oil
2 chopped garlic cloves
Garlic Powder
Dried Red Pepper
Salt and Pepper to taste
Now I typically add all these ingredients to my mini Cuisinart and give it a whirl, but have also thrown it in a mason jar and just shake everything up.  Either works, Cuisinart version is usually creamier.

Mix quinoa with some dressing (to taste).  Top with crumbled feta, tomatoes (pearl quartered, grape halved), sauteed or roasted broccoli, cubed avacado.  Drizzel extra dressing over salad as desired.  Topped with chopped roasted almonds (nice extra touch, but I leave out with my sensitive teeth).

James also approves

I've applied this concept to brown rice and mixed in steamed green beans and tomatoes - it was great.  We use brown rice, mix in spinach, apples and TJ's Yellow Curry - amazing.  Any store bought dressing could be used  and the options are endless and delicious.

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Yum! I will try this!

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