Home for the Holidays

We've loved spending time with our families and friends in Florida, so much that we extended our trip for a few more days of sunshine.

I'm writing this post from a massaging pedicure chair - so I can actually say without a doubt it doesn't get much better than this!

It amazes me how much James has grown and developed in this short time home. He's standing all the time now which doesn't seem real and has a one syllable conversation all day long. I never imagined 'ba' could be said so many different ways. He has loved spending time with his grand parents as they have with him. I'm obviously not complaining as Josh and I were able to go out for the first time in months and I'm getting my first pedicure since we were here in August!

Our night out was to celebrate one of my best friends birthdays. We had so much fun in lovely downtown St. Pete.

Josh and I headed south with the top half down on his dads Mini Cooper convertible - which was a lot of fun. I has to protect my hair from the cool Florida breezes from the top all the way down ;)

We kicked of the night with champaign cocktails at the Vinoy, then dinner at Z Grille, which offered a wide variety of cocktails from my fume blanc to mickys bottle in a brown bag.

Somehow after dinner we discovered a jazz band playing very exciting music that we had to dance in the streets to.

A great group of friends to celebrate with.

We capped off the evening back at the Vinoy (where everyone except us was staying).

More presents for the birthday girl.

Our little alcove.

Lacey wanting to take the turquoise tray with her.

Fantastic friends - forgot my glitter sweater at home, so I messed up our bedazzled trifecta. There's always my birthday in a few weeks I guess :)

The whole night I felt a little nervous as everyone was just so much more put together than me. I kept thinking how different living in Florida was going to be than our little spot outside of DC.

Josh reminded me we would be on the family circuit not go out and party one. Which made me feel a little more at ease - and every mommy (and daddy) needs a night out on the town from time to time.

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Aja said...

Josh is right- my first thought was "Girl, do any of them have kids?!?" It's a different world for sure. We still go out with friends pretty often, but it's different when everyone has a babysitter to get home to. I think we're all just so grateful to get out for a bit that we don't worry as much about all the rest of it! ;) That being said, I am supposed to be out in 1 hour and I'm in flannel PJs and just fed my boys dinner, so I better get on the ball!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Enjoy your time with family and friends --- and I think you look just beautiful.

Kristin said...

You totally have it together!