It's the hap-happiest time of the year

With the holidays upon us, there are more fun things to do, see, attend than any other time of the year.

This past week was the absolute fullest we've enjoyed in a while. I kept telling myself just make it to after the Christmas Party...Our fourth annual holiday party was last night. A few hundred cookies, the biggest pot of jambalaya you've ever seen and a lots of merriment and cheer filled our home!

At some point I hope to recap all the fun we've been having, I've made it through our party, but the peace and rest I was looking for didn't meet me after I checked this off my Christmas list.

I am planning to snuggle back in bed Sunday morning while James takes his morning nap for some much needed rest, but then there's church, a birthday party a few dirty dishes to wash and baskets of laundry to fold. No rest for the weary here, maybe after New Years? I think I'm asking to sleep in for my birthday in January, since I haven't done that in about a year!

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