What We're Doing

James' favorite activity these days.

His little musical activity table. We don't have too many blinking, singing, talking, electric toys around here.

1. Because we don't have a playroom- although major changes have taken place in James room to be more activity friendly.
2. Because I get more granola every passing day. Trying to find a balance with gadgets and plain old wood blocks will be interesting over the next few years.

He also loves rolling balls back and forth with us. I only have video of that...

Also loves Throwing balls and army calling after them.

This new independent play is weird for me. I'm always keeping a Birdseye view but don't need to be right next to him all the time. This means the dishwasher actually got fully unloaded in one attempt today.

I should have would have could have written a Thanksgiving post that was hosting dinner never got around to it. Plus I needed a little attitude check as I was not feeling very thankful over the past few days.

Good news, attitude was checked, And I am truly grateful and thankful for all that our family has. Especially each other!

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Aja said...

Stay strong on the non-electronic toys! We have very few and the ones we do have barely get played with. Not that my kids don't love a good video or movie, but they have really good imaginations from play kitchens, brooms, dinos and books. Definitely the way to go! Although my boys did love their activity table too. That's like a staple of childhood ;)

KatiePerk said...

Such a cutie. SS is in to the megablocks. Not really building just holding, squealing and of course chucking them across the room!!