We're Still Here

Since I last left you, we've celebrated Halloween

Welcomed a new buddy into this world. My best friend had kiddo # 3 on 11/3 and he's a cutie!

I've been sick.

James eats a lot! Splitting lunch with him means I'm loosing weight.

We voted (my record is 0-6 for voting for a wining presidential candidate). Maybe 2016 will be my year.

James turned 9 months old and got his first hair cut- he laughed the whole time. I'm traumatized that my baby looks like a little boy now. Both 8 and 9 month posts are in drafts and coming soon.

My drive it till it dies SUV finally died - well the door handle fell off. So we decided not to recessitate.

I'm a minivan momma, no announcement (haven't been that MIA), just hoping to need extra seats in the future.

My minivan crew:

We still haven't 'baby proofed' but will be this weekend.

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