Growing Pains

So I didn't realize that babies first haircut would traumatize me. Technically it wasn't his first trim, I'd been trimming the baby wisps around his ears for a few months.

His hair trimming needs had quickly outgrown my abilities. So hair cut, no big deal, right? Wrong!

He actually loved the whole process.

Sitting on my lap getting lots of oohs and ahhs from the salon.

He laughed the whole time.

And the stylist was great, patient and gentle.

It was the after effect of him looking so grown up that hurts my heart. Where's my baby with the fine baby wisps I would sweep over his forehead.

Josh insisted the shorter we went, the fewer times we would have to get it cut- there's my accountant husband for ya!

We won't be getting another cut for a while!

Silly me to thing the sting of the haircut was the saddest thing I would encounter this month.

We dropped the crib last night, and my heart is still in my throat.

In the pull the bandaid off real fast/ shorter the trim the fewer haircuts mentality we dropped it all the way.

I of course begged Josh to redo it and bring it a notch or two higher. I wonder how much longer it will sting every time I lay him down?

I didn't know experiencing the side effects of him growing up would hurt. They joy in him singing, laughing, learning and growing far outweighs the sadness I feel saying goodbye to my sweet baby boy.

On another note, does anyone have tips on how to jimmy rig the crib skirt to work with the mattered on the lowest setting? I also realized last night as I was taking it off that his PBK crib skirt cost more than our king size beds's did!

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Dee Stephens said...

You lucked out! My friend Kathleen's son had a complete and total meltdown getting his haircut. Seriously.. MAJOR crying and such!

All Things Cherish said...

He is too cute! As for the crib skirt, if it's anything like a bed skirt then this might work... I had a king bedskirt that I rigged to fit a queen. Basically you can either use heavy packing tape or safety pins. I pinched it in the center of the bed to 'shorten' it to the desired length then pinned it. I pinned for the sides of the bed first, then did the foot of the bed (just pinned over the first pins). Since the mattress sits on top you never seen the pins or tape and it also helps hold it in place. Not sure if this will work for a crib but good luck!

Aja said...

The good thing about having a son who started getting haircuts early is they get used to it early and are always good. We've never had a meltdown during a cut bc Holder's been getting one a month since he was 9 months.

I agree about them growing up. Dave always says that being a parent is sad. And it definitely can be. But it's joyful too.

Ashley said...

He is so SO cute!!

Katie said...

He is darling but the hair I love from this post is YOURS! Super cute!

On the bedskirt, yeah, it is a bummer. I just took ours off when I put the crib down (ours is way down though - farther than yours I think). I never actually put the crib higher up with Maren either. Annie was still in the crib when I found out I was pregnant, so I just left the crib as is. So much for the bedding I worked so hard to pick out!