God has been blessing our family so much lately that I haven't found too much time to write about our lives.  Last month I shared Christmas Cards were already ordered, much due the fact I didn't try every picture I liked with different editing effects in every card template I thought was cute.  Letting my "make it perfect" attitude go is hard (FYI-it's never perfect even after all the extra effort).  So I'm trying to go with the get it done attitude and "good" is good enough.  To be honest it's probably the same result. 

Following that mantra, we didn't do our top ten list this year.  Obviously James is pretty much 1-10, there are a few other highlights and #2 of our highlights of the years is something we are anxiously anticipating to happen in 2013 - Josh won't let me publicize just yet... That took the fun out of the of the Thompson Top Ten this year.

So if I had to write a top ten it would be:

10.  Watching James crawl, stand, clap, play... develop and learn right before my eyes
9.  Neat things with my volunteer activities:  The Junior League Committee I chair was honored as the Community Placement of the year and I was honored as the Phi Mu Outstanding Chapter Advisory Council Member at convention this summer.
8. The first smile
7.  Making fantastic mommy friends, they along with calling my mom and life long best friends just to cry, vent, laugh or calm down helped me survive the first year of motherhood.
6.  Seeing people I love, love my baby - it takes friends and family to a whole new level
5. The first laugh
4.  Giving our parents the gift of being grandparents
3.  My son singing with me for the first time - Silent Night - my favorite song as a child, too.
2.  Coming soon!
1.  Welcoming our son into our hearts and lives.

This is such a special and holy time of year to be focused on all we have been given from the birth of our Savior.  My Christmas wish is that everyone's hearts could be filled with the joy and happiness that mine is.  During this advent season, more than any before I feel the joyous anticipation of the good that is to come.  Without a doubt this is the merriest Christmas!  Hope your hearts are filled with the joy this magical time of year brings.


Aja said...

If it's another baby or y'all moving to Florida I'm going to be VERY excited!

Kristin said...

Congrats on the phi mu award!!

Dee Stephens said...


All Things Cherish said...

From a fellow Phi Mu, congrats!! That is awesome!

Ruth said...

Congrats on the Phi Mu award.