Tervis Tumblers on sale this week!

Thanks to my blog buddy Mint Juleps and Magnolias for the heads up on the sale!

Lacey and I were window shopping at a few boutiques in McLean this weekend.  Window shopping and not actually shopping because we hit the stores up at 9 am (prior to opening at 10) after breakfast and our visit to the DC super sale from the Little Green Notebook at 7 am.  Well 7:10 in our case, and by what was left 10 minutes after the sale began made me feel like most when Lilly P is featured on Ru La La - looking around for what could possibly be left seconds after the sale starts.  I walked away with two mirrors and sans the Chang Mai settee-oh the sorrow. 

Back to my point on Tervis Tumblers.  One of the shops had their windows filled with collegiate goodies (for all the schools round these parts: UVA, V Tech, Georgetown, George Mason, etc).  We were both saying how much we wanted Gator Tumblers before football season starts.  Side note-how is football season 3 weeks away?  This house flood really threw me off tailgate prepping.  I am putting in rush orders for my game day dresses.  Luckily Josh has already secured hotel rooms, tickets and airfare to most games, and I did remember to grab my orange and blue bonanno's before the packers came-ha!

Off topic once again-The folks at Tervis Tumblers are offering 20% off this week on collegiate orders when you use the code SCHOOL at checkout.  Order now, so your Bloody Marys and Bourbon Myers say cold and your hands stay sweat free!

Now, how many of each logo and size to order?!?!


Alana said...

Love Tervis! I have a pink gator set, but want to get ones with my name on the back.

Craig M said...

I saved $14 and bought four 24-ounce Gator cups, yay!

katy said...

Sarah Beth--
Thanks for your comment on my blog! I've added you to my google reader and I look forward to reading along! And I am loving Twitter..definitely join! :) Right now it's so much more fun than Facebook to me!
-Virginia Vines

Virginia Belle said...

Thanks for the heads up! We absolutely love our UVA tumblers and I can't wait to add to our collection :)