Running Around

I feel like I have been running around like crazy this week.  I'm trying to keep everything moving full speed ahead with the house renovation.  I've got to keep on these folks to make sure things are happening.  It's so funny, the contractor that our homeowners association selected to head up the rebuild is horrid.  They have the worst communication EVER-the best is when we finally got our project manager (after waiting more than a week).  He comes out to do a walk through with us last Friday, and as we are wrapping up, says "Oh by the way you won't be able to reach me next week, I'll be on vacation."  Seriously, what kind of company assigns someone to head up a project the day before he leaves on vacation-ha! 

Anyway, the sub-contractors, who actually do the work have been great so far.  Every room in the house had been painted except for the living/dining room.  I love all the colors I picked out!  I'm nervous to see how my "Greyish" turns out in the living/dining rooms-hopefully I will know soon! 

All our HVAC ducts were replaced yesterday, and I met with the subcontractor doing our flooring.  I wasn't too impressed with him or his samples, so I'm hoping that works out.  I really wanted the same tile put back in the kitchen that we just did, so he said I could let him know the info on it and he would get it.  I figured while I was at it I would pick out different tile for the bathrooms, too.  I asked how much insurance was giving us per square foot for the tile in the bathroom.  I was not thrilled with his answer of $2, but figured I would work with it.  If I found tile I like that was more, we could just cover the difference (like we have on everything else so far-ha).  Well, I went to my fav tile store this morning, Mosaic Tile, and my fav sales associate really helped me out.  I was hoping to do a 3x6 travertine for the bathrooms, but that was a little pricey.  I explained to her what was going on, and she let me know that they just put a bunch of tile on clearance-jack-pot!  I got to pick out totally awesome (but not travertine) tiles for rock bottom prices-take that $2 a square foot!

All this with a numb mouth since I stopped by after my dentist apt this morning.  With all this running around town, I may need some alternative transportation-maybe I should take some tips from my brother.

This is him with his girlfriend, Betsy, last week in Thailand.

And he just picked up his new car truck, yesterday.  A Ford F250.  Can't wait to go for a ride baby bro!


DSS said...

You really do have your hands full! So glad to hear that the work at your house is coming along though. I know you will be glad to have that over with so that you can get "back to normal".

Can we please discuss your brother and his GF on that elephant! How neat is that???

Virginia Belle said...

I hope things calm down for you soon! I cannot imagine how stressful the renovations are right now but I'm sure the end result will be so worth it!

Amber said...

Sounds like you have been running around nonstop!

Love baby bro's new truck! My hubby just got an F150 Lariat and we LOVE it! :)